Love Sun Girl Story

What Is Love Sun Girl?

“Full of love"
Founded by best friend duo Sunny and Hyuna, Love Sun Girl was created to give girls—from the classic everyday girl to the ultimate collector—the jewelry pieces they always wanted and could never find.
Ever since I was little, We have been obsessed with jewelry. We knew we weren’t the only one — It seemed like everyone we talked to was on a never ending search for the perfect earring, ring, necklace or bracelet.


For too long, the fine jewelry was intimidating, inaccessible, (way) overpriced, and frankly pretty outdated. We broke the rules to make something new. Every Love Sun Girl piece is thoughtfully designed by Sunny and Hyuna for everyday wear. Luxury today is collected, shared, classic and funky, and pretty f*ing colorful. We think you deserve a little bit of that luxury.

Love Sun Girl is a mix of high and low, new and vintage, dressed-up and dressed-down, for staying in or going all out. Pieces you never dreamed of but suddenly can’t live without.

We recognize that fine jewelry are investments, so we want you to have access to the best designs and highest quality pieces at a great price.